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Gingerbread soon here, hitting developer Nexus Ones in a few days?

November 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Android 2.3 Gingerbread

We all know that Android 2.3 soon will arrive – the large Gingerbread statue is already standing in front of the Googleplex, and we get more and more indications that we’re about to get a new Android treat. There is no exact release date for Android 2.3 yet, but here are a few signs of Gingerbread’s imminent arrival.

- An anonymous source IntoMobile has been in touch with claims the Gingerbread SDK will be released November 11th. That’s on Thursday.

- Open Handset Alliance team member Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez said on his Twitter page that developer versions of the Nexus One will get Gingerbread in the next couple of days. If it indeed is true that the SDK will arrive on Thursday, perhaps that’s when developer Nexus Ones will get Gingerbread? And if they get it, it won’t be long before it leaks out to the masses.

- Adobe will release an update to Flash 10.1 tomorrow. This could just be a regular update, but the new version could also mean that Adobe is making Flash ready for Gingerbread. Especially since the Market description says “Please install the upcoming 11/9 update (ver. 10.1.105.x) to ensure that Flash Player loads properly with future OS updates.”

- Today, Samsung will reveal a new device, which most likely is the dual-display Continuum. But there’s a slim possibility we’ll see some Gingerbread action as well.

Gingerbread tweet

Who knows what exciting new features and interface changes Google has dreamed up this time? We’ll keep you posted on Gingerbread and bring you all the details as soon as we hear ‘em.

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