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Fuze Meeting for Android tablets announced, bring the “conference room” wherever you go

November 11, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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With the launch of the Galaxy Tab this month it is only right for app developers to start to announce their new Android tablet-centric apps. Though there is only one Android tablet right now that is worth its salt, Fuze Box sees this as an opportunity to get into the game early by bringing their Fuze Meeting app to Android tablet sized devices .

Fuze Meeting allows anyone that is using the Fuze Meeting app on their Android or iOS device to host and attend “virtual” meetings. Users can share data and discuss ideas in their virtual meeting space as well as talk to each other through their devices WiFi connection (SIP). The hosts can share PowerPoint, annotate the screens, post pictures and share video. Users can start meetings from any device or from the web and share content from their device while allowing other viewers to share content as well. As of now there is support for the Galaxy Tab with its 1024×600 screen resolution. Fuze Box says that as more and more Android tablets are available they will make the app support more screen resolutions.

In testing out Fuze Meeting on my DROID Incredible the video streaming was rather impressive with little to no hesitation. The call quality is decent and because of the WiFi calling, users can talk and stream content at the same time (very important for CDMA based handsets). Chatting and sharing was easy as well as zooming in and out of photos was somewhat smooth. One feature that seems interesting is the ability to share the meeting with a weblink after the meeting is over. This would allow folks that didn’t get the chance to attend to catch up and make sure nothing was missed.

Fuze Meeting is free in the Market, but to use on a continual basis there are monthly fees. Fuze Meeting has a free trial though and several monthly plans that may fit you or your company’s needs.

Source [Fuze Box]