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Firefox for Android beta now much smaller and faster

November 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Mozilla has released an update for the Android version of Firefox that address some of the major concerns that users have had with the app. For starters, Mozilla has cut a lot of the fat to get the install size down 60 percent. The beta is now down to 13.38 MB; still hefty, but getting much smaller en route to the final release that’s sure to be lighter.

Firefox for Android has also been given a makeover and optimized to be much quicker than previous reports. Mozilla claims that the beta performs 25 percent faster than the stock Android browser based on Javascript tests.

Who cares about benchmarks, though? Download Firefox for Android from this address and see if it really loads your web content as fast as they say. You’ll also get to rate the new interface, which has been tweaked to provide quicker access to link sharing and have a more refined look. More on that here.

Thanks, Amy