ESPN Bowl Bound tracks college football BCS race and more [App Reviews]

November 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Not everyone has time to watch ESPN 23 hours a day like Ron in accounting, but you can stay abreast on the NCAA Bowl Subdivision happenings with a new app from the Worldwide Leader in Sports. It’s also an app I wish ESPN would have released months ago.

ESPN Bowl Bound is primarily about understanding the NCAA bowl picture and projecting which bowl-eligible teams would play in each game if the season ended today. From the BCS National Championship Game to the Bowl, this app projects which teams will participate, provides information about the bowl’s history, and shows comments from users.

Bowl Bound is also a fairly decent news app for all things FBS, which is why I wish ESPN released it at the beginning of the season rath than this month. Bowl Bound features video highlights from ESPN programs, weekly rankings for BCS/AP/USA Today/Power, Scores and Schedules, and plenty of news, columns, and blog posts delivered directly within the app. This is my dream college football app, which is sad since the 2010 season is nearing its completion.

We still have time to enjoy this app this year and hope ESPN wises up and continues supporting it in 2011.

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  • Shows bowl projections, history, and schedule
  • Tracks NCAA FBS rankings and news
  • Shows video highlights from games and ESPN analysis


  • Late to the party

App: ESPN Bowl Bound

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