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Dual-core Samsung Galaxy S sequel in the works?

November 15, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Eldar Galaxy 2 tweet

Exceptionally well-informed Russian phone guru Eldar Murtazin (if the Lone Gunmen were solely into smartphones, he could’ve been part of the crew) claims he has played with Sony Ericsson’s rumored Anzu device, as well as a technologically advanced, dual-core handset from Samsung that he calls the Galaxy 2 or the GT-i9100.

It has been speculated that Samsung’s Google phone Nexus S was delayed because the South Korean manufacturer decided to equip it with a dual-core processor. Back in September, Samsung announced the Orion: a dual-core CPU that the company said was going to be powering devices later this year. But so far we haven’t seen it featured on any actual phones. It seems unlikely that the Galaxy 2 Murtazin got his hands on was rocking an Orion processor, but who knows?

Engadget suggests that a the i9100/Galaxy 2 may be a TouchWiz version of the upcoming Nexus S, in the same manner as the HTC Desire basically is a Nexus One with the Sense interface on it. Worth noting is that the European GSM model of the Galaxy S is actually called the GT-i9000, so it’s plausible that the i9100 would be its successor.

With Gingerbread and a beastly dual-core processor, the Galaxy 2 would have a lot going for it, but I think most of us would prefer the  vanilla Android version without TouchWiz?
Eldar Galaxy 2 tweet

Via [Engadget]