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DROID 2 Global for Verizon Wireless comparison sheet leaked

November 1, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Motorola, Verizon


Time for the obligatory Verizon DROID line leak before a big release. This time it looks like we get to see what the much talked about DROID 2 Global edition is packing inside and out. Nothing is too amazingly mind blowing, but it’s always good to see what the newest Verizon DROID device will have before it’s announced.

The DROID 2 Global will feature a 1.2Ghz processor (the highest clock speed of any Verizon Android phone to date), 8GB of internal memory as well as 8GB microSD, Android 2.2 Froyo w/ Flash 10.1, and come in some elegant Winter  White or Dark Sapphire. Of course as the name suggests, the DROID 2 Global will feature global phone capabilities which make the traveling Android fanboy/girl and happy boy/girl.

Even though we are getting some nice additions to the newest DROID device on Verizon, we have to say that this device is really just an iterative release of something that has been proven to be popular to consumers so far. If the global capabilities were stopping travelers and business users from making the plunge to a Verizon Android phone, then it looks like this will finally be the DROID they are looking for. Can we ever stop the bad joke? Probably not.

Anywho, is there anyone out there that has been waiting for a global DROID? Or is this a small segment of business users and travelers?

via [Android Community]