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Carbonite releases Android app for remote access to your files

November 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The cloud-based back-up and storage service known as Carbonite has released an Android app that will give customers access to the files they have stored with the company. The application, which is still in beta, is available in the Android Market for people who have accounts with Carbonite’s paid services.

Anyone who has watched the TWiT network shows is likely already familiar with Carbonite, a company that automatically backs up the contents on your computer. Treasured photos, vital documents, and more can be stored on Carbonite’s remote servers; those same files are now accessible on your Android phone with Carbonite Access. Users can look at photos, open documents, or even stream music directly to the phone. The “Share” function allows users to pass those files along to other apps, though two-way sync isn’t specifically mentioned as one of the supported features.

I’ve reached my storage max on Picasa, so I’m currently in the market for a new back-up solution for my large archives of important photos, documents, videos, and files. If you’re of a similar need, check the Carbonite offers to decide if it’s worth getting this, Dropbox,, HomePipes, or one of the many similar apps.

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UPDATE: Speak of the devil. As soon as I hit enter, I heard from a Carbonite rep who passed on these features (the following text copied directly from Carbonite):

The application’s seamless integration with the Android OS also enables Carbonite users to easily share their backed up files via email, Facebook, Picasa and many other Android-supported applications.

  • Browse: Once the application is downloaded, consumers will log into their Carbonite account on the mobile device.  They will then be able to browse all folders and files backed up through Carbonite, arranged in the same file locations as they are on the computer.
  • Share: Backed up files can be shared through the phone via e-mail, Picasa, Facebook and other social-networking applications.
  • View: Backed up photos can be previewed using thumbnails or quickly viewed full screen using the integrated photo viewer from Carbonite.
  • Listen: Consumers also can utilize Carbonite Access for Android to listen to music backed up from their computer directly on their phone in a matter of seconds.