Bonecruncher Soccer creates football legends on Android [Video Game Reviews]

November 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Soccer may be a team sport, but Bonecruncher Soccer requires that its players become the ultimate athlete and dominate the pitch on their own. This 3D game pits one player against a growing number of defenders, requiring quick thinking or special moves to avoid tackles. And in the event that you actually make it through the maze of opposition, an open goal with targets for bonus points await.

Bonecruncher Soccer is a 3D game that plays well, though the tilting mechanism to change direction can sometimes be disorienting. The dribbling is otherwise smooth and responsive depending on your phone, and shooting can sometimes be a challenge; however, that’s a good thing because it demands accuracy.

There are four levels of difficulties and several rounds on each level to hone your skills. The shoot-out mode will also provide great target practice for getting your kicks in the right place. Though this game could benefit from some options for tilt sensitivity, Bonecruncher is still a fun way to swipe, sprint, and shoot on your Android device.


  • Dribble through defenders or obstacles for bonus points
  • Shoot targets in goal area for bonus points
  • Customize appearance and jersey of your player
  • OpenFeint social gaming support


  • Tilt is too sensitive and not adjustable
  • Player moves can sometimes not be quick enough

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