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Angry Birds adds 45 more levels, support for more devices

November 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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As if there weren’t enough people already addicted to its flagship game, Rovio Mobile has released an update for its popular Angry Birds game.

The latest version of Angry Birds adds 45 new levels to the game, creating a host of new possibilities for you to strategically fling birds (that are Angry, of course). This will be good for the people who have obsessively played this game and can’t get enough. Others who have still yet to master the game and get 3 stars on all levels, such as me, may be as weary as they are excited.

But on the bright side, more people can access Angry Birds. The game has added support for QVGA screens that were previously unable to play because of their low resolution. Rovio have also addressed some graphics and device issues that affected the ability of certain phones to play the game.

Download from the Android Market and get those birds flying. I was a little disappointed to see that Rovio didn’t release an Android version of the special Halloween game that appeared on the iPhone, but it’s good to see more levels pop-up on Android. Excuse me while I try to get some stars again.

[Thanks, Lars!]