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Android Apps Alert #40: Everything Must Go Edition

November 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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apps-alert-2 tries to review the best new Android apps each week. We originally started out doing text-only reviews, then graduated to doing video recaps before time and technical restrains prevented that. Now we’re back to trying to do video reviews as much as possible.

The 40th edition of Apps Alert is called Everything Must Go. Remember those commercials with the over-excited electronics or furniture retailer slashing prices because he had to sell everything? That’s what it felt like to be an Android user this week. Several new apps hit the Market, a handful of big names were updated, and we got a few tips on hidden gems that helped make this one of the busiest weeks for apps in a while. Let’s get cracking.


Hexage works its classic game with a twist magic once again in EVAC, a game that’s reminiscent of Pac-Man but slightly more complex. Players must navigate a maze of colors, picking up dots along the way without being captured. They’ll have to follow instructions, set traps, and react quickly if they expect to make it through this game. Download the free Lite version with 7 levels and then purchase the full version (Regular or HD for tablets and WVGA screens).

Note: While we’re on the subject, Hexage just released an upgrade to several of its apps to “HD” versions optimized for WVGA screens (EVO, Droid X, Galaxy Tab, etc.) recently. These apps are temporarily on sale for .50 GBP until November 16. The price will then go up to the standard price of 2 GBP. Check out some of their other great apps like Radiant or Everlands.


Lars, Chris, and I have all expressed our love for LauncherPro and several apps and widgets that make it easier to customize your Android experience. Wallpaper finder Grallery is another app that makes it easy to change your phone’s look. There are plenty of wallpaper apps out there, but Grallery unique thanks to the quality of selections. Get your fix of bikini babes and car wallpapers elsewhere. Download Grallery if you want minimalist, vector-based, or artistic selections.

Recommended by: @Sweeterskins Go get Grallery from the market, nice wallpaper app. #AndroidApps

PowerAMP Music Player (Android 2.1+)

The hottest music app since WinAmp arrived in the Android Market this week. With it came the ability to alter sound with an equalizer, change appearance with themes, and support for a variety of formats, including WMA and FLAC files. PowerAMP requires Android 2.1 or higher, so anyone able to run the app should take advantage of this high-powered media app.

Scrybe (Alpha)

8Pen was the text-entry app garnering most attention this week, but it’s not the only new keyboard out there. Scrybe uses Google’s scribe API to figure out what you are trying to say. As you type “A-n-d-r,” the app suggests “Andrew” and “Android.” Tapping either word will enter that into the text field and list other words or phrases that may cross your mind. This is an alpha app using an unofficial API that requires an Internet connection to work, so you may experience some less than perfect results; however, give Scrybe a whirl and you might like it. If you enjoy the concept but not the execution, SwiftKey may be another app worth trying.

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