6 Android Shopping Apps for Black Friday and Beyond

November 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. It’s the official kick-off of the busy holiday shopping season and leads to hectic dashes through local malls and big box retailers. So how are you, one man or woman, supposed to make sense of it all?

Here are a few Android apps that will help you find deals this Black Friday and the days and weeks beyond. You’ll also find that these apps can be vital for post-Black Friday comparison shopping. Use them to make sure you’re saving as much money as possible; you’re going to need it to buy a new Android phone next year.

First, let’s find out where the deals are going to be had. Your newspaper will have some listed, but you can also track them directly from your phone with these apps.

Black Friday

Black Friday is an excellent app powered by discount tracking website It features a list of stores participating in Black Friday sales and shows ads for each item. Users can bookmark those items by saving to a list that can be accessed for quick reminders of what to look for in the stores. You can also browser by category or search for a specific item.

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TGI Black Friday

This app is very-much identical to the aforementioned Black Friday app. You can browser by store, categories, or see what’s the newest listing added recently. TGI saves items to “My List” (bookmarks for items you want) or goes directly to online shopping page for that item. You also what’s most popular.

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Once you’re in the stores, you need to make sure you’re getting a good price. This will not be ideal during the elbow pushing of early morning hours, but later in the day, you’ll be able to price compare with these apps.


Milo is designed to locate a specific item. The same way that you train a dog to fetch an item, this app looks around and fetches a specific product. If your child wants a particular doll or action figure, enter its name and the nearby area so Milo can return a list of places selling it. The app also shows if an item is in stock, provides directions or contact information to the store, and applies filters to find the right product.

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ShopSavvy is the original Android shopping app and remains one of the best. Scan a barcode and this app will quickly compare among retailers online and in your area; it will even tell you which stores have it in stock. ShopSavvy can maintain Wish Lists, track Price Alerts for when an item is discounted at a price more appealing, and has a history of apps that you have searched for or scanned.

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Google Shopper

Google’s shopping companion combines multiple features for discovering, monitoring, and purchasing products. Users can browse according to category, filters, or search, and scan a barcode to compare products. Shopper compares prices according to online or local retailers and offers detailed descriptions and reviews that make better-informed decisions. There are links to finding that product and Google links to a large database of retailers, so you can rest assured that you will find the best price.

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Tecca is one of the more focused apps in terms of products listed, but it’s one of the better apps thanks to a long list of features because it’s more than just a shopping app. Tecca has consumer-driven news and features on gadgets and tech products.Use this as a way of searching for an item, browsing through gadget categories, scanning barcodes, and maintaining a wish list that links with your online Tecca account. If you’re frequently on the hunt for electronics, this is a great app to have.

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