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YouTube moves to the Android Market as a standalone app

October 20, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Just as Google has done with their infamous Gmail app, they brought YouTube to the Android Market as a standalone application. This means that updates to YouTube in the future will no longer depend on what version of Android you are running; you will be able to update whenever a new version is available.

This is part of Google’s ongoing plan to further separate the “native” Android apps from the core OS so that new versions with extended functionality will be made available to everyone at once. This is to, dare I say it, help alleviate the fragmentation that Android has experienced by bringing new features to users when they are available rather than waiting for carriers and manufacturers to decide.

I just downloaded the new version and I have to admit, this thing is slick. I won’t get ahead of myself though as we will have a review of the new app it due time, but if you are an avid YouTube user, you are going to love this. Searching for the app in the Market seems to be a fail for right now, so click the install button below from you Android device and enjoy the new YouTube now.

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