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Yahoo! Messenger with video calling coming to Android

October 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Video calling and chat options for Android continue to expand, and Yahoo! has signaled that it will join the fray. According to comments Yahoo VP of Mobile David Katz made in an interview with Reuters, Yahoo will offer Messenger apps that support video calling.

Yahoo! already has a Messenger app available on Android, but it currently supports only instant messaging. An update to the app would include support for video calls among other Yahoo members and would reportedly be made free to users.

Katz said that the Yahoo Messenger client would support video calls between devices and desktop computers, a coveted feature that several of its potential rivals have failed to consistently deliver. At the moment, it appears that Yahoo would also support using the app over 3G.

Yahoo! reports that 81 million people use Messenger, and that number could increase if it manages to deliver a competitive video calling solution. The ability to chat on Android, iPhone, or desktop over 3G would make it arguably the most attractive solution. The only other company with as much brand recognition that could compete on that front is Skype, but Skype has shown little interest getting video calling to the masses any time soon.