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Yahoo Messenger Android app with video chat leaks early

October 19, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Anyone up for some video chat? You’ll be happy to know that a pre-release version of the Yahoo Messenger Android app that supports mobile-to-mobile-or-desktop video chat is out in the wild, courtesy of the leaked MyTouch 4G ROM that’s floating around the Internet.

Yahoo VP of Mobile David Katz confirmed two weeks ago that an Android app supporting video chat between phones or desktop computers was on the way, and the iPhone version has already been released. XDA member matthewjulian knew that Yahoo would also power the video chat feature in the myTouch HD/4G, so he ripped the app out of the leaked ROM and posted it for others to test.

Keep in mind that this is a hacked application and not fully-functional. Matthew is unable to get the app working with a Mac desktop, but it you can’t wait to get a look at Yahoo Messenger video chat on Android, now is the time to remedy the situation. Users can expect to see a compatible version emerge once T-Mobile officially releases the myTouch or Yahoo releases Messenger through the Android Market.

Download and install both .apk’s listed on XDA