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Wolfram Alpha app for Android coming next week

October 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Available in the T-Mobile Android Market Channel in conjunction with the T-Mobile G2 launch, Wolfram Alpha for Android will make its debut October 6. Bringing the “computational knowledge engine” to Android, the app will cost $1.99 and work on phones that are Android 1.6 or higher.

Wolfram Alpha is a different type of search engine that provides results based on curated data, mathematical equations, or factual queries. For instance, someone can ask “When did Angola gain independence” and it will quickly respond Tuesday, November 11, 1975. The app then provides the difference in time, so users can quickly recognize that Angola has been independent for 34 years and see what other significant events took place on that date.

Search is more knowledge-driven on Wolfram Alpha rather than standard engines that can be gamed by SEO or don’t provide the most relevant information. Developers tell us that the app will support voice queries for hands-free searches and tap into more than 10 trillion data elements and thousands of computational models. You’ll be able to calculate your mortgage or perform complex math equations without having to reach for a calculator.