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Vlingo adds hands-free “InCar” mode for Sprint customers

October 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


vlingo-incar has often tried to highlight apps that minimize the danger of in-car phone use, and Vlingo has just released an app that does that fairly well.

Vlingo has updated its popular Android app to include a hands-free option so users don’t have to reach for the phone or look away from the road. With the Vlingo InCar beta, available only for Sprint devices with 2.1+, users can issue a wake-up call to say “Hey, Vlingo!” to issue commands. From there, users can call numbers, send text messages, navigate to a location, and use the SafeReader function to have messages read aloud.

I just took Vlingo InCar for a quick spin and it’s cool but definitely beta. There were a couple of times that I had to say “Hey Vlingo” two times to activate and, as it states in the warning, InCar eats battery. I recommend connecting it to the charger when using.

Download the update from the Market if you are a Sprint customer with a Froyo device.