Vimeo launches Couch Mode for Google TV [Video Reviews]

October 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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My television has been clocking a lot more hours since my Logitech Revue box arrived last Friday — more on that in the coming days. One of the first lessons I’ve learned since then is that the web is not really built for TV. Several websites look terrible because the text isn’t formatted to be seen from across the room.

Vimeo, the filmmaker’s YouTube, recognizes this and has released a Couch Mode to make browsing the web on big screens a better experience. All the focus has been placed on videos thanks to a navigation and control system that makes it easier to consume content through Google TV devices.

Couch Mode includes HD video streamed to the web that responds to your GTV remote. It also supports favorites, Watch It Later, staff picks, and videos that you have uploaded. Below is a quick video hands-on showing how the site performs. Spoiler alert: it’s great. I’d like an easier to access search bar, but it’s still pretty cool.

tip via CNET