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Upcoming 4G LTE Android from LG gets caught on camera – will it be powered by Tegra 2?

October 25, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

LG, Verizon


Engadget has received pictures of a future high-end LG Android device for Verizon. Little is known about the handset, but Engadget points out it will be a 4G LTE phone with a HD camera (720p or hopefully even 1080p), and that it seems to pack a very large, mirrored display and possibly also a front-facing camera for video calls.

About a month ago, merely hours before Samsung introduced its dual-core Orion processor, LG announced that it soon would ship devices powered by the system-on-a-ship Tegra 2. Taylor Wimberly at Android and Me suggests that the phone in the photos is one of those devices, and in view of the fact that we haven’t heard anything from LG since it made the announcement, that seems like a correct assumption.

If that indeed is the case, we can expect this Android to rock a 1080p HD mobile video processor and an ultra low-power GeForce GPU that brings up to 2 times faster web browsing and 5 times faster graphics performance over single core 1GHz processors, as well as “console-quality gaming”.  Hopefully all the juicy specs of this bad boy will be revealed before long.

Future LG LTE 4G device

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