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Tango brings “better” video calling for Android and iPhone

October 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Qik didn’t meet the needs of some; Fring didn’t live up to the hype for others. Tango has arrived on Android to provide another option for video calls.

Tango Video Calls launched this week as the third option to make video calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The app works cross-platform, so EVO 4G users will be able to contact their iPhone-wielding friends just as easy as they could someone with an Epic 4G. Friends don’t need to sign-up for accounts either; just download, save your profile, and send invites to your contacts to see who else has downloaded the apps.

Both the front and rear-facing cameras are accessible with Tango, and call quality is fairly good. It’s actually better than I’ve experienced with Qik and Fring, but it won’t be fair to draw conclusions about these services until Tango has built up a larger subscriber base that taxes its server as much as Qik and Fring have experienced.

There are two areas that app desperately needs improvement: there’s no way to manually add contacts or dial friends, and the app doesn’t allow you to sign-out in case you’re not in the mood to receive calls.

Download the app for free in the Android Market and test it for yourself. When a call comes in, it will initially be audio only. You must first click the Tango button for the video to turn on.

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