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T-Mobile UK and Orange UK let customers roam on each other’s networks for free

October 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The T-Mobile UK and Orange UK merger is more than just a mingling of brands and personnel. Now, the two networks that joined forces under the Everything, Everywhere banner will allow customers to roam without charge.

T-Mobile announced today that customer’s can sign-up to access an Orange signal when they cannot find a T-Mobile signal. This will allow customers to “talk and text in even more places” without incurring any roaming charges. Sign-up is free provided users register for the ability to pick-up Orange’s signal. According to the FAQ, “Your charges will stay exactly the same, whether your phone’s using an Orange or a T-Mobile signal.”

Orange UK users can also sign up through their carrier.

This makes good on a previous announcement to make it easier for customers to share either of the partners’ networks. It’s important to note that users will typically pick up a 2G signal, so it will probably be best to save the data-heavy activities for when they are able to access their native networks with 3G signals once again.


- You may be declined access if your phone is not compatible, your account is suspended, or POSSIBLY if you are a large business customer.

- The phone will switch to “Orange” or “T-Mobile Orange” when roaming

- Signing up will not alter your T-Mobile contract or give you access to features like Orange Wednesdays that are exclusive to each carrier.

- Android phones may display Data roaming warnings, but users will not be charged for roaming on Orange or T-Mobile provided that the roaming takes place within the United Kingdom

- If you decide to opt out of this program, text “YES” to 2121. However, you may be automatically re-enrolled in the future; T-Mobile will send a notification if that happens.