Squishable Androids now available. Here’s how to win one [CONTESTS]

October 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka




This contest is over. Thanks to everyone who participated. We have notified the winner already.

When it’s time for some interior redecoration, consider the Squishable Android as a new companion on your couch or bed. Who needs another throw pillow anyway?

The Squishable Android is a fuzzy, green ball of polyester fibre. I remember first seeing it on-stage during an Android developer Q&A session, but the cuddly little guy has since been out-of-stock.

Now, the Squishable is back in stock and available online for $39. You can purchase one now at, but we’re also giving one away now. Here’s how to win:

Follow @androinica on Twitter and then tweet this message:

#FollowFriday @androinica and you could win an Android Squishable

Then cross your fingers and hope you get a DM on Monday announcing that you are a winner!

Just to clarify, this contest is open to everyone in the world. People have previously asked if our contests are available to people outside of the United States and the answer is yes unless we specifically say that only certain people can participate.

Purchase a Squishable