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Rumor: First Android Gingerbread details and UI changes emerge

October 18, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Android Gingerbread gets first leak

Today, the Android site Phandroid got their hands on some information and one heck of a blurry shot of what appears to be the newest iteration of Android; Gingerbread. The site claims that they have an idea of what Gingerbread will include based on some insider knowledge and the leaked image.

According to Phandroid, with the help of the recently hired Matias Duarte (Palm ex-UI design guru responsible for WebOS), Google has revamped the Android interface with new “simpler” and more streamlined set of icons that show that one person has done the artwork rather than a bunch of Googlers during their 20% time. Also, other smaller changes have made their way to the OS like a different color notification bar, green and lime-green color hints throughout the OS, as well as some small font and placement changes. All-in-all the Home screen has stayed pretty much the same with just the added details mentioned. Nothing crazy.

Other changes include small iterative changes to native apps, particularly YouTube, new radio buttons and checkboxes, “bouncy” kinetic scrolling like that of iOS or the Sense UI implementation, among other small changes that contribute to a “beautifully finished puzzle”. Phandroid even goes as far as saying that Gingerbread may have a HTC Sense UI look and feel.

Software-wise we may be seeing WiFi calling with Google Voice turning an Android phone into a VoIP phone without a 3G connection. This functionality may not be included with the first build of Gingerbread though, but there is no confirmation of this as of yet. All-in-all it looks like Android Gingerbread will just be a new riff on the Android of present, which will clean up some of the UI issues and look and feel problems. Other than that it doesn’t look like Gingerbread will be the revolution in UI that many were suspecting when they first caught wind of the new version. But remember, most of this is hearsay and without a more “robust” leak and some focused pictures, Gingerbread could just be FroYo with some different colors and images.

Via [Phandroid]