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Reckless Racing is now available in the Market: a 3D racing game from the developers of Raging Thunder 2

October 21, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Reckless Racing for Android

Does anyone remember the PC video game Ignition? It’s a bird’s-eye-view racing title that was released back in 1997, and now there’s a brand new game in the Android Market that looks a bit similar to Ignition: Reckless Racing. It was previously known as Deliverance, and the game is developed by Swedish company pixelbite, who also created the superb Raging Thunder 2.

Reckless Racing costs $2.99, and according to pixelbite, it features “the prettiest graphics, coolest physics and dirtiest powerslides ever seen on a handheld device.” Judging from the demo videos below, pixelbite may have a point with those bold claims. Polarbit, the company that releases Reckless Racing, has also made a funny and slightly unorthodox announcement:

Here at Polarbit, we care deeply about the gaming community and would like to take this opportunity to say: whatever you do, do NOT go into Android Market or the iTunes AppStore right now and purchase the newly released top-down racer Reckless Racing.

It’s highly addictive and has been known to hook players in mere seconds, leaving them lifelong addicts to the intense old-school racing gameplay, the graphics – among the most beautiful ever seen on a handheld device – and the rich community and multiplayer features. For the love of God, do not watch this video of the game in action:”

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