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Pulse News Reader adds Facebook support

October 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Pulse News Reader first achieved must-have status as an iPad app, then earned a cool but not quite there status on Android. We loved the app in our review but were displeased to that it didn’t have unlimited sources for content.

For the people who don’t need a ton of sources for reading the web, Pulse News Reader has a new treat for you: Facebook links in your news reader.

The latest version of Pulse includes a new source called Facebook Links that connects to your FB account and finds all of the links shared by your friends on the social network.You can then read content from those feeds directly within the app or toggle to switch to browser view. As a bonus, tap into Pulse’s built-in share feature and you can pass those links along to Facebook, Twitter, or any app that uses Android’s Share features.

We’d still like to see Pulse expand its number of sources allowed, and someone from the company tell us that’s in the work. They’re working on some behind the scenes stuff and promise that they’ll have some cool things available for users soon.