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Notion Ink puts an asterisk on Adam tablet 15 hour battery life claims

October 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Notion Ink excited folks when it said that the Adamn could “easily get 15 hours from the device,” but Rohan Shravan has taken to the company blog to clarify those statements.

The 15 hours of battery ife statement referred strictly to “normal” use, and what clarifies as normal differs from person to person. For Shravan, “normal” does not include the power-sucking activities that make tablets an exciting device: HD video playback, viewing Flash videos, or using the camera, among other things.

Notion has posted a breakdown of activity that can kill your battery in as little as 6 hours:

  • Play 1080P continuously with full brightness and at full volume (displayed as 1024 on Adam and not via HDMI to TV) (no idle time) (Adam has BIG speakers)
  • Play YouTube Flash videos on Wi-Fi or 3G network (no idle time)
  • Use Streaming 3D maps on 3G network with GPS
  • Record HD Video and stream it over the Wi-fi networks
  • Play an augmented reality 3D game with camera input over the network (wi-fi of 3G)

No one should be surprised by this. We’ve all dealt with laptops or phones claiming to last 5 hours, only to discover that’s with brightness set to zero and doing nothing but the most basic of features. It still appears – on paper at least – that the Atom will perform adequately.

I look forward to testing battery power in person. Long before anyone carred about a Galaxy Tab or Nook Color, Notion Ink’s Adam prototype was the Android tablet everyone had their eye on. But after months of waiting for a solid release date and being teased with updates, folks are still wondering when Adam will get it’s day in the sun.

Notion Ink Blog via AC