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Logitech giving Revue pre-order buyers $25 gift code for late delivery

October 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Yes, Logitech accepted pre-orders for the Revue; however, it inexplicably allowed Best Buy to beat it to the punch. While people who ordered their box “early” were twiddling their thumbs waiting for delivery, latecomers walked into Best Buy and walked out with a Revue days earlier.

Logitech is trying to make amends for its tardiness by giving users a $25 gift code applicable to any purchase on its website. The order will also be upgraded to free shipping.

The discount is good for anything on the website, including the Logitech TV Cam ($149) or mini-controller ($129). I’m personally not buying either but it’s good to know that Logitech recognizes it’s blunder and seeks to make amends. Anyone who pre-ordered a Revue and got a late shipment notice should also have received this apology offer.

I hope it’s good enough to placate you. Excuse me while I browse around the site to see if I can at least get a deal on some speakers for my desktop.

Thanks, dcplaya!