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Let the Dancing Droid Live Wallpaper takeover your screen [Video]

October 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



There are plenty of options for live wallpapers, which I’m sure you already know, but I’ve recently been enthralled by this Dancing Android wallpaper I discovered on XDA. Someone originally meant for this to be a start-up screen but it was later converted to dance across your home screen as well.

You may recognize this image as the lovable Android mascot from the SK Telecom commercials that we raved about previously. The short clip has been looped into a wallpaper for anyone with a capable phone to enjoy.

Be forewarned that this can really eat up your battery if you set the FPS too high and it can look choppy if set too low. Personally, I keep it between 35 and 60 fps depending on what size of animation selected (Small, Medium, or Big).

Download the live wallpaper from this link.