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HTC launches ‘Phantom Black’ Legend and ‘Brilliant White’ Desire

October 4, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson


HTC launches ‘Phantom Black’ Legend and ‘Brilliant White’ Desire

Today, HTC announced that the company will start selling a “phantom black” version of its 3.2-inch Legend device, as well as introducing a “brilliant white” model of the 3.7-inch Desire. With these new editions, HTC likely hopes to put focus on and revitalize the sales of two familiar and very popular Android handsets. The phantom black Legend and brilliant white Desire will be available in stores across Europe this month.

One might argue that the HTC Legend actually looks better with its original metallic finish, but a white Desire may prove more popular, since the brown color of the original edition of the device probably doesn’t appeal to everyone.

HTC launches ‘Phantom Black’ Legend and ‘Brilliant White’ Desire

From the press release:

The uniquely-designed and iconic HTC Legend will be available with a phantom black finish. The style and form factor for which the HTC Legend has become known remains the same, with its smooth, continuous surface, machined from a single aluminum block creating a seamless compact frame.

HTC Desire is also now available in brilliant white for the first time, providing a stunning new look for the phone which has become popular for the richness and quality of its visual and multimedia experience.

“We are always looking for ways to broaden the customer’s mobile experience,” said Florian Seiche, President of HTC Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We understand that our customers love to express themselves, whether it is through their music, fashion or their mobile phone. We work hard to provide a strong portfolio of mobile phones, to give our customers the variety and choice in terms of experience, look and feel, that they crave.

“There has been a real passion for these phones since they launched. The phantom black HTC Legend and brilliant white Desire cap a quality mobile experience with an exclusive and premium finish.”

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