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How to find Sprint 4G in your area with Sensorly

October 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Where the heck is my 4G, Sprint? Oh, it’s over there on that map.

Sure, Sprint has said 4G is coming time and again, but with each rollout, it may seem like your city isn’t any closer to getting the new speeds turned on. You are not going to get a definitive word on when 4G comes to your market, and any salesperson or non-Clearwire/Sprint employee who tells you otherwise is probably clueless or lying.

But there is a way to see if 4G is testing in your town. Sensorly is an Android app that measures speeds from users and plots where 4G speeds are reported. By crowdsourcing data, Sensorly is able to highlight general areas where 4G is found. These signals are not permanent or fail-proof, but they are a good indication of where you can get some unofficial WiMax love.

For instance, Miami’s not slated to get 4G until next month based on what I’m hearing, but I’ve been able to find certain spots across the city, and the same has proven true in my recent travels to New York and San Francisco.

Here’s how to see where 4G juice is flowing

  1. Download Sensorly from the Android Market
  2. Turn on 4G and launch the Sensorly “Map Viewer” app
  3. Select Yes, Active only, or No to participate in sharing data. I personally chose “Active only” in order to contribute without killing my data.
  4. Tap 4G and then tap “Sprint – USA”
  5. Look at the map and you should see certain areas covered in green. Green means that users in that area are reporting getting 4G.

Now you can navigate to that area and see what you can do with 4G.