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Grooveshark Android update makes it a serious contender for best music streaming service

October 13, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Growing up in a pro-Florida State household, I’ve been trained to hate anything that stems from Gainesville, Fla. I’ll make an exception for Grooveshark, the music streaming service based in Gainesville that just released a major update to its Android application.

Grooveshark fixed some bugs that previously hampered playback, and added several new enhancements for the music streaming application. Members can now listen to playlists created by friends or others, stations based on genre’s, save a playlist as a station, and sync playlists. The app also supports pausing a session so it can resume at that exact point later and maintain song queues.

The folks at Grooveshark have also addressed its biggest fail that we pointed out in our review of the app: songs in its library are frequently inaccessible unless on WiFi. That is a thing of the past now that “Wifi-only songs are now playable over cellular networks, if you like.”

Yeah, we like.

I raved about Grooveshark, which requires a $3 monthly subscription, but felt there were some serious problems with the app. Based on these new features and fixes, I may have to re-evaluate my opinion on the best music streaming options on Android.

Other changes to the app:

  • Bluetooth controls for play, pause, next, and previous are now supported
  • scrobbling
  • Improved connectivity and battery life performance (the app has been re-coded to use less resources)
  • Now Playing only appears when app is in-use
  • Fewer force close errors when skipping multiple songs
  • Favorting/Unfavoriting appears in widgets
  • Offline songs download with fewer errors because phone is prevented from sleeping, and the transition from 3G to WiFi downloads is “Seamless”

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