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Google giving away 10,000 Google TV’s to web developers and designers

October 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google is once again playing Santa Claus by giving away thousands of products running its Android software. This time, Google is giving away 10,000 Google TV devices to developers.

The festivities started today when Google announced that everyone in attendance at the Adobe MAX conference – more than 3,000 people – would be receiving a free Google TV device. Google has yet to specify if people will receive the Logitech Revue or the Sony Blu Ray or Internet TV, but it confirmed through the Code blog that an additional 7,000 would be given away.

The goal is to get GTV in the hands of more people capable of creating websites and apps designed for television. Text does not always scale appropriately on a 40+ inch screen, and many design conventions and tools for the web currently aren’t formatted for an enjoyable experience when sitting across the room. Google hopes that more developers with access to Google TV will speed-up adoption and increase the amount of websites optimized to run on GTV.

Google will give away more devices to members of the Google Code community and professional web designers who enter a request online. Of those entries, 2,500 people will receive a free Google TV device. More information, including links to documentation for how to better design websites for TV, can be found at the Google Code blog.