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Garmin-ASUS deal ends in January with no renewal in sight

October 22, 2010 | by Chris Smith



When we first of the Garmin-ASUS deal hitting the streets almost two years ago many were confused. With the Garminfone taking forever and year to be released it seems like it is no wonder that Garmin-ASUS are not the match made in heaven they may have thought they would be.

According to Economic-Daily, Garmin and ASUS will not be renewing their two-year partnership this coming January leaving the standalone GPS and failed phone maker out on the cold, hard streets in a world of Android phones with free turn-by-turn. Although the venture will not be renewed, it looks like ASUS will keep trying to make phones and include the Garmin GPS technology on the handset. It really is a wonder how ASUS can think that licensing and including Garmin on an Android device makes any sense at all when approved Android handsets come with Google Maps and Navigation.

We’ll see how it pans out for ASUS and Garmin in the coming months, but to be honest it doesn’t look like they have their head’s in the game and I’d be less than surprised to see nothing compelling come from either in the mobile space.

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