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Gadget Census shows Android loses the 2010 election

October 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Midwesterners love their Androids, and folks in the Great Plains seem to love ‘em even more. But that’s not enough to get Android elected to President of the Smartphone Nation. Andy had to concede because people in the most populated states still favor the iPhone or BlackBerry OS.

Retrevo conducted a “Gadget Census” that asked users to name their preferred smartphone operating system. While Android proved to be the winner in the most states – 21 out of 50 – it picked up votes in places like Iowa, Missouri, and Wyoming. Similar to how the presidential elections give more weight to states with higher populations, the Gadget Census awarded more “gadgetoral” votes based on smartphones per capita. Thus, large, tech-hungry states like California, Florida, and Washington are worth more votes, which explains why the iPhone was elected winner.

This isn’t the most scientific representation of the smartphone race, but it’s a fun way to visualize how Americans view the competition. More information on the methodology and other trends can be found at the Retrevo website. Read it now as Android drafts up some impeachment papers and devises a 2012 campaign strategy.

Other interesting tidbits about Android owners
- Are more technical and own netbooks/ereaders
- Most likely to use smartphone GPS navigation (Google Maps, dog)
- Least likely to recycle gadgets

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