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Foursquare for Android gets a major facelift, adds Tips and To-Do

October 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Foursquare’s Android app has often been criticized by users who want something closer to what’s available on that other platform. Those naysayers can finally pipe down because Foursquare has released a major update to its Android app.

The new Foursquare has a more visually-appealing interface that looks smoother and less clunky. It has also added “Tips” and “To-Do” to the main navigation tabs. That will provide quick tips from friends and strangers when visiting a location, or allow users to check their To-Do of places they’d like to visit in a given area.

I’m very pleased with the improvements because the Foursquare app wasn’t the greatest to use. I have always preferred Gowalla because their Android app performed so much better (for me at least) but the small portions of my friends who bother with location-based check-in apps have opted for Foursquare. Good to see the company is continuing to improve the Android experience.

Other new features include:

  • Friend information added to venue page
  • Access friend requests from Me tab
  • Refresh the Me tab
  • Switched from xml to json for API calls

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