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Flick Kick Field Goal scores a game winner [Android Game Reviews]

October 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Everybody loves a kicker on Monday, provided that he made the game-winning field goal. Flip Kick Field Goal brings that pressure with some old-time field-goal-with-a-finger action.

In the vein of paper toss and games of the like, Flick Field Goal takes a simple game and makes it possible to waste a great deal of time flicking one object into the next. Players drag and release the football, adjusting for placement on the hashmarks and wind that can send a kick too far left or right. (Note: as a Florida State fan, I am incapable of saying wide *insert direction*)

Flick Kick has three modes: Sudden Death, where players try to go on a streak of successful field goals; Arcade, which scores based on number of field goals made in given attempts; and Time Attack, where users try to score as much as possible in two minutes. The game taps into OpenFeint, which brings in the ability to have leaderboards, achievements, and tracking against friends.

Here’s a short video showing how the game plays.

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App: Flick Kick Field

Price: $0.99

Website: PikPok Games