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CoPilot Live USA available for only $4.99

October 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Finding your way around town is more affordable for people who want a GPS app other than Google Maps. ALK has released a new version of its navigation app CoPilot Live USA for only $4.99.

CoPilot Live USA features turn-by-turn voice navigation and a large library of map data that is available even without a web connection. Maps are downloaded to the device and shown in 3D or a variety of modes, as well as show real-time traffic information with a mobile connection, weather forecasts, and showcases points of interests (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) along your path.

Google Maps is more than adequate for most Android users – it’s the most popular app after all – but CoPilot provides a good alternative thanks to a better voice guide and offline support. Download the app now for $4.99 and you can also purchase the optional ActiveTraffic 12-month membership, for $9.99.

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