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Best Buy may build an Android app store; is it for a tablet?

October 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Android Market is not enough. Neither is the AndAppStore, SlideMe, Mykandi, or the stores being developed by Amazon and Verizon. So, Best Buy has opted throw its hat in the ring and build an Android Market alternative of its own.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Best Buy is considering building an app store for Android. CTO Robert Steph was quoted as saying, “We are exploring this concept at this very early stage, but we have no concrete plans at this time. Google, though, is an obvious partner.”

So what exactly would be the point of a Best Buy app store? An Amazon market alternative makes sense if the online retailer plans to release an Android based tablet. Google has certain device requirements that no tablet has met, except for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so a competent app store is necessary. Best Buy has hinted that it was building an Android tablet for its Rocketfish brand, so it’s possible that the company could be making an app store for that device.

Or they just could be making an alternative store for phones, which would probably be a pointless excursion. You never really know these days.

via AndroidGuys