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AppBrain now changes wallpaper and sends links to Android from the web

October 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Changing a wallpaper typically requires saving, mounting, opening, and setting. AppBrain has an easier solution.

The latest version of AppBrain – both the website and the Android app – has been updated to enable syncing more data between each. Users can browse a gallery and click a button to immediately set it as the phone wallpaper, or do the same with a URL.

AppBrain now uses the CD2M library, so users must have Android 2.2 for these features to be immediate. However, older versions are still supported through the standard sync method. The app has also added and improved other features like:

  • Immediately bring up the uninstall dialog when removing an Android app
  • Send links from the AppBrain website and have them automatically load in the browser
  • Send text from the web and have it copied to clipboard.

For the immediate push to take place, users must have FastWeb and the latest version of AppBrain enabled.