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Android powered 14MP camera phone Altek Leo coming to Europe in Q1 next year

October 4, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Altek Leo

Altek is a Taiwanese company that has produced digital camera products ever since it was founded in 1996. According to Altek’s website, the corporation was the world’s largest digital camera original design manufacturer in 2008. Now Altek has used its camera know-how to make an Android phone packing a camera with a whopping 14 megapixels. More MP doesn’t necessarily result in better photos, as the quality of the optics and other factors affect the outcome, but if all the important elements are in place – this unit could be able to take some serious photos.

The Altek Leo will feature a 3.2-inch WVGA, 16.7 million color display with multitouch, and it ships with GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11n and 3.5G (HSDPA). The Leo’s camera supports 3x optical zoom, 720p video recording, smile and blink-detection, on-the-fly image editing, and according to Altek – the Leo is a “3-in-1 product that integrates full digital camera, digital video and mobile phone functionalities”.

Altek’s Android device has that peculiar appearance that all hardcore camera phones seem to share: it really looks like a camera/phone hybrid (or abomination, depending on your politics). The phone will be released in Asia Q4 this year, but Altek has announced that the Leo also will be launched in Europe Q1 2011. For more information about the device, check out Altek’s press release.

Altek Leo

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