Android Market has 100,000 apps. What are your favorites?

October 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android


The Android Market has more than 100,000 apps that are actively downloaded. While the official count was previously 90,000 apps, the Android developer Twitter account has confirmed that the Market that there are 100,000 apps to choose from.

The growing rate of interest in development has helped accelerate Android’s adoption. While Android still trails Apple’s 300,000 number of apps, there are more than enough apps to help Google gain a foothold in the ultra-competitive mobile sector faster than anticipated.

“It’s well past anything I could have hoped for,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said about Android’s success during Google’s recent earnings call.

Of course, a 100,000 app Android Market is 999,950 apps more than you’ll probably need. There’s plenty of crap in the market – as there are in every OS app store or any place where products are sold – that people will never care to download. However, this number represents the large amount of choices available in the Market and signals that more are on the way.

Now we want to know what are your favorites from the Android Market. It’s almost time to refresh our Best Android Apps list and it will be good to have a strong list of options to highlight in the next go-round. Leave a comment letting us know.