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Android is for dudes, not dames, says one UK survey

October 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The popularity of Google Android continues to rise, and much of that climb is based on the platform’s success among men, according to the results of one recent survey.

In a survey of more than 78,000 UK residents, men ages 25-39 were twice as likely to select an Android-based phone as their next mobile of choice (11.4 percent of men compared to 5 percent of women). That led marketing consultant Belinda Parmar to claim that Android has a “dude problem” that needs to be addressed.

“Android provides a perfect example of how not to market a platform to women, and so the Android experience has become irrelevant to more than half of the population. I know that this may come as a shock to the attendees at Droidcon and I’m prepared for the rotten tomatoes to be thrown, but it is true that Android has a ‘dude’ problem.” – Belinda Parmar

Parmar is referring to Droidcon, an Android conference scheduled to take place October 28th and 29th. Parmar will present the findings in a talk on Day 2 of Droidcon in which she will discuss how Android is and should be marketed to women.

This is not the first time someone has made these claims, and my experience in the weeks since a similar survey was released has shown that there’s more women running Android than some would believe. And no, increasing popularity is not as simple as putting pink on a case or bedazzling a “cute phone” as people stereotypically think; most women I see are running the same Droid’s and EVO’s favored by men. I’m not based in the UK where this survey was conducted, but similar theories have been presented about American women.

So exactly what are we missing to increase recognition among women with Android? Let’s hope we discover after Droidcon.