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Android Apps Alert #39: Hockey, Horsepower, and Hot Tracks

October 31, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Happy Halloween, folks. Before you go out with the kids and eat enough candy to keep your local dentist in business, why don’t you take the time to see what’s new in the Android Market?

Every week, recaps apps – both new and old – that you may want to consider loading up on your phone. This week’s theme is Hockey, Horsepower, and Hot Tracks. We’ve got an app on hockey, one for motorists, and a couple to bring your iTunes library on the go. There’s even a scare or two thrown into the mix.

To download apps, click the “Install” button and it will use the AppBrain install feature. If you have AppBrain and FastWeb enabled on your phone, it will install the app instantly. If QR codes are more your speed, a barcode will appear for your to scan. Enjoy!

Center Ice Radio ($0.99)

So you can’t watch your favorite team take the ice and want to try and listen to the radio to stay up-to-date? You could bookmark your home team’s website to stream on the phone, or you could just get an app that broadcasts every team with an online radio stream available. Center Ice Radio bookmarks the stream address of NHL franchises, which can then be opened in the browser to listen live. Center Ice marks favorites and helps you keep-up with action on the ice. Grab this if you love hockey and don’t have a radio app meeting your needs.

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Get the Caddy nice and spiffy so you can take advantage of OnStar MyLink, an Android app that serves as a companion for your car. OnStar works with select Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles to perform the following features:

  • Show how much gas is in the tank
  • Remind motorists where they parked, as well as create a reminder for when a parking meter expires
  • Request Roadside assistance or locate a Chevy dealer
  • Send remote commands (lock doors, start engine, see oil life, etc.)

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PopCap Games keeps promising to deliver Android games, but gamers have been waiting months for a port of its popular Plants vs. Zombies title. People sick of waiting can just download pvz, a shameless rip-off of Plants. Pvz requires that players grow plants in a garden that will slow down zombies and protect your house. It’s incredibly popular on that other platform and this game lacks the polish that people hope will appear in the real deal release. You get what you pay for in this case.

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Pocket Informant (Beta)

Pocket Informant is another new entrant to Android that recently made the jump from other platforms. This consolidates your productivity needs by putting a calendar that syncs with Google, and tasks that sync with Toodledo into one app. Pocket Informant includes several options for organizing tasks, filtering lists, show different calendars, and customize how your tasks and events are displayed. This is a beta app that “expires” in January, so give this app a try now.

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SkyTunes ($5.99) or Music WithMe ($14.99)

Two apps have emerged that connect Android to iTunes. SkyTunes does that over both WiFi and 3Gm by streaming tunes with album art and song info. You can also store files on the phone for local playback, and browse the library in a variety of ways. But SkyTunes requires Adobe Air and Android 2.2, so it’s useless to the vast majority of Android users. Those of you who meet requirements can download the trial and upgrade to the full version for $5.99.

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Music WithMe may prove to be a better option thanks to its support for more Android versions. WithMe syncs Android devices with iTunes libraries (PC only). Users select playlists and the songs on those lists will sync to your phone through USB or WiFi. With requires Android 1.6 or higher, Windows XP or higher, and costs $14.99. A free trial is available in the Android Market.

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Impossible Level (Free Lite, $1.56 Full)

What if I told you that 2+2 does not equal 4? What if you were asked to play a game that purposely confuses you and becomes increasingly difficult with each passing level? That is Impossible Level Game, a name that’s truly fitting for this game that costs $1.56. The app purposely frustrates users in a series of puzzles, requiring players to perform silly tasks and figure out things with little to no instructions. Watch the language and try not to throw the phone at the wall.

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