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Android Apps Alert #38: More Media and Move Miles edition

October 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sunday is Android Day here at That means today is the day that we highlight some of the best new Android games and apps to debut on Android this week. We browse the Market, field requests from developers, and take tips from readers because you guys are just as plugged-in to the Market as we are based on comments and tips. If you want to recommend good apps, tweet @androinica with the #androidapps tags to let us know what should be seen.

This week’s theme is More Media and Move Miles because all of the apps are about consuming multimedia or taking advantage of location-based services.

Logitech Harmony

Logitech is known for premium (see: expensive) remotes that can control complex entertainment set-ups. But Logitech has made its Logitech Harmony app free to people looking to control Wi-Fi enabled devices, including Google TV. The Harmony remote is well-designed and capable of doing practically anything on GTV, including search, bookmark, control the mouse, navigate, increase/decrease volume, and much more. Keep your eye on this if you don’t want to use the hardware controls that come with your GTV device.

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WinAmp is back, and yes, it still kicks the llama’s ass. The beta application has a familiar design that has been updated for modern smartphones. It’s easy to browse your music collection and supports widgets or scrobbling. Great features of course, but what really makes this a desirable app is the fact that it syncs wirelessly with your WinAmp desktop application. If you’re sick of dragging-and-dropping files or want something different from DoubleTwist, grab this app!

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FTouch Music Player

And if you’re still not satisfied with those options, consider Ftouch Music Player. Overlook the iTunes-inspired interface and you’ll find that this player can edit tag information and album cover art. People who obsess over those types of things and want to have an organized library will appreciate this app, as well as those who like to download lyrics, listen to music stored internally, and have a variety of playback modes.

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SCVNGR (Android 2.1+)

Where are my friends? You’ve already got plenty of apps to tell you that, so SCVNGR tries to one-up the competition by creating games. Users check-in to a location and then perform a challenge there; say something, take a picture, create origami, or get other people to attend, and whatever else people create. Then you’ll earn points and rewards like free coffee at a cafe or drink specials at a local pub. SCVNGR supports Facebook connect and delivers badges and rewards for participating. Android 2.1 or higher is required to use this app.

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Who needs a tour guide? Not when you have an Android phone and Georeader, an app that reads information about historic places nearby. As you drive by landmarks and places worth noting, Georeader will read aloud something significant about the building, statue, park, or venue. The app also supports creating your own bookmarks, ideal for when you and friends are getting into mischief on road trips or looking to share information with others.

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Tag In by Allstate

Perhaps you don’t care about where everyone is; you just want to know the location of your wife, husband, or kids. Tag In by Allstate creates a private way for family and friends to know your location. Users can tag in to share their GPS location or add an optional message. It works across platforms so you can still share even if some in the family sport Droids and others rock BlackBerry or iPhones.

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