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Android Apps Alert #37: Think (Or Don’t)

October 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sunday is Android Day here at That means today is the day that we highlight some of the best new Android games and apps to debut on Android this week. We peruse the Android Market every week to locate what’s new among the more than 90,000 entries (based on Google’s most-recent estimate).

We also take tips from readers because you guys are just as plugged-in to the Market as we are based on comments and tips. If you want to recommend good apps, tweet @androinica with the #androidapps tags to let us know what should be seen. This week’s theme is Think (Or Don’t) because of apps that require thinking or doing activities that help you turn your brain off.

TV Flash

One of the benefits of having Flash on Android is that it opens up mobile phones to more video streaming. TV Flash takes that one step further and searches for videos that can be watched on your Android. TV Flash shows plays video from several sources, including ABC News, Al Jazeera, BBC, Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN2, FOX, Sky, USA, and a long list of other names. Video is not always rock solid on 3G but it plays fairly well on Wi-Fi. Adobe Flash and Android 2.2 are required for this app to work.

Recommended by ayman07: stream TV episodes/channels from sites easily with TV Flash. Im streaming #HouseMD right on my nexus! #androidapps

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Ever struggled to ask Pedro how to get to Barcelona, Pietro how to get to the Leaning Tower, or Petros how to get to the Pantheon? Babylon2Go will get you through it. Babylon2Go is a translation app with support for a long list of 75 languages, starting with Afrikaans and ending with Urdu. Typing or speaking into the app will take your word or phrase and quickly translate into another language. While not as smooth or accurate as you’ll get during a few years of language training, it comes through in the pinch.

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Abduction! 2 ($3)

Abduction! World Attack was one of the most popular games for Android, so anyone who enjoyed that game may want to consider its sequel, Abduction! 2. The new game, available for about $3, requires players to jump to the top by bouncing off pieces of Earth floating in the sky. The game is deceptively complex because the higher someone progresses through a level, the tougher it will be to advance without falling out of the sky. There are rewards and challenges that make this 120-level game a great time-waster.

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Cognicube: Sliding Cube Puzzle

The Rubik’s Cube has been given the 2D treatment in Cognicube, an app that we’ve had our eye on for a while now. Players tap buttons that rearrange cube positions until all of the reds are grouped with reds, blues with blues, and so on. This game is challenging, so puzzle and Rubik’s fans will enjoy this free game. Players who purchase donate versions can unlock premium features. Adobe AIR is required to use this application.

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ThinkFree Office (Free Lite, $14.99 Pro)

Business professionals, students, and writers have a new option for reading Microsoft Office documents on their mobile devices. ThinkOffice has upgraded to a new version of the app, which requires Android 2.0 or higher, that reads Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. It’s not the only app to offer these features, but it has a unique spin in its support for Google Docs and These features give users the option to sync their documents online; users who opt to gain the pro version will be able to edit the documents as well.

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