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October 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Every week, attempts to highlight the best Android apps. The number of Android apps increases every week, and it’s growing especially large that Adobe AIR for Android has attracted new developers to port their apps and games to the mobile platform. AIR debuted on Friday and there are already plenty of apps available. Aside from the three that we previewed, AppBrain has compiled a search list shows apps with Adobe Air integrated.

Below are some of the latest Android apps, news, and reviews. This week’s theme is “Know Everything” because all of the apps listed involve learning new things or understanding information. Whether it’s your body, history, or location, these apps keep you informed.

WolframAlpha ($1.99)

Google may be the default search engine where people go to obtain information, but it isn’t always the best. Sometimes, WolframAlpha may be the better option because it provides comprehensive, curated results. WolframAlpha is useful for searching or computing numerical data, historic dates and occasions, or even figuring out crossword puzzles. Purchase this app for $1.99 and you can discover a more scientific search process.

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One problem that I’ve always had with Google Maps and MapQuest is that they are often flat-out wrong in the directions and map data when I travel in my home state. Waze, which is built on user-sourced driving data to build its maps, can sometimes prove more accurate and appealing. The latest version of Waze has added local driving groups that connect users who may share common interest or travel in caravans or groups. Waze 1.0 turned Android into a social-based game, and 2.0 makes this a great app to socialize with other drivers.

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Point Inside 2.0

In the past three weeks, I’ve been in 5 states and 10 airports, so I would have loved to discover Point Inside 2.0 during my heavy-travel period. The app provides a map for airports and malls that makes it much easier to gain a sense of what is around. Rather than walk through Houston’s colossal airport in search of a Subway and place to grab a few drinks, Point Inside would have saved me a mile-long trek and helped me quickly see what’s available. Point Inside will point out shops in locations now, and the company plans to expand into other areas. Read AndroidGuys article to see a list of places the map currently supports.

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24 Hour Fitness has released an app designed to make staying fit rest in their hands. My24 auto-locates clubs in your area, making it easy to find a place to work out when traveling; read reviews to know which locations and services you wish to patronize; and browse class schedules. There are also fitness tools for tracking your workout regimen (Body Mass Index, Calorie Burner, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Daily Calorie Calculator). Download this app if you’re a 24Hour Fitness member or if you’re thinking about joining. The app provides a free 7-day pass.

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