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Adobe Flash for Android downloaded 1 million times

October 14, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Android News

Today is Adobe’s big day. It looks like according to them that Flash for Android has been downloaded over 1 million times from the Android Market. Flash was announced to be coming to Android months ago and when it finally did many users scrambled to download and use the app for an enhanced web experience.

The current version is Flash 10.1 and allows users to view and use most Flash based content on the web. Some users (this one included) have had problems with Flash rendering sites or games, but for the most part the support is there and works well. According to ZDNet in talking to Anap Murarka the director of technical marketing for mobile and devices for Adobe, some websites are forcing the browser to a mobile version of the site thus making Flash null and void. Also according to Murarka, Adobe as a “swat team” that “goes around to help make sites read correctly”. Basically, Adobe is aware of the slight or major performance issues of Flash on Android and is in the process of correcting them.

So, congratulations, Adobe for hitting the million mark. Here’s to another million! Oh, by the way, get back to work!

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