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Adobe bringing AIR 2.5 to Android, launch multi-app-store distribution service

October 25, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Adobe AIR has been on Android for less than a month, but an update is already in the pipeline. Adobe announced today that AIR 2.5 will be coming tablet, television, and smartphone products shipping at the end of the year. It also announced that the Air 2.5 SDK for Android is available right now for developers who wish to build products with it.

AIR is a development tool and plug-in that lets programmers build apps in a familiar language. It already powers a number of games on the Android Market and has the potential to open up Android to thousands more apps from creators who otherwise might not develop for the platform.

And once those apps are complete, developers can choose Adobe InMarket, a new distribution front designed to get apps in multiple stores. Adobe claims that it’s difficult to keep up with the number of app stores (across platforms, not Android specifically), so they can handle many of the behind-the-scenes stress of registering, licensing, and uploading to these many markets. Developers will receive the now standard 70 percent of revenues and Adobe will take 30 percent for costs, processing, hosting, and marketing.

There’s no explicit Android tie-in here, but Android may play a role in light of the growing number of app distribution channels. Developers can find out more information here.