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Adobe AIR will usher in plenty of new apps and games for Android shortly

October 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



An Adobe AIR evangelist told attendees at the Big TX BBQ that Adobe Air would be available in the Android Market October 8, 2010. I’m looking at my calendar, and what do you know, he was telling the truth.

Adobe AIR for Android is now available. It’s important to note that AIR is just a foundation for the good stuff that’s slated to come later. Just like on the desktop, it’s merely there as a plug-in tool required to run apps made for it. For instance, Tweetdeck desktop is built on AIR and users must have both installed to work.

I’ve been testing AIR for about a week and I’m intrigued about what type of games and apps we can expect now that it’s available on Android. This will open up the platform to a world of developers who have experience with AIR but not much with Android. I anticipate a rush of new games to play in the future. I’ve been playing a couple of simple games that are just tests, but one particular game, Cognicube, has had me interested since May. Cognicube makes a Rubik cube 2D and requires that users solve the classic puzzle in a new format. The game should debut next week and I can’t wait to see the final version.

Here’s a quick video showing some test applications, including Cognicube. For more information on the app, stay tuned to this link.