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Adobe AIR debuts in the Android Market

October 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Adobe AIR

Adobe continues its solid support for the Android platform with the release of Adobe AIR in the Market. AIR stands for “Adobe Integrated Runtime”, and while the app doesn’t do anything by itself, it enables us to run rich Internet applications on Android, opening up great, cross-platform possibilities. In other words, developers can release AIR apps in the Market that can be downloaded and installed like any regular Android application.

This is how AIR for Android is explained by Adobe itself:
“Adobe® AIR® will let you publish ActionScript 3 projects to run as native applications (.apk) for the Android OS. These AIR applications can be delivered to Android devices through Android application stores such as the Android Market.

Developers can write new code or reuse existing web content to build AIR applications for the Android OS. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes, Adobe AIR and Flash Player, it also gives developers a way to more easily target other mobile and desktop environments.”

Coders that are eager to publish AIR apps to the Market can read this blog post by Ryan Stewart on the topic. The video below shows an AIR app running on no less than five different platforms, including Android.

Update: Adobe AIR can only be installed on Android 2.2 devices.

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