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ABC, CBS, and NBC say no to Google TV, block content from being played

October 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


Google knew it would experience some resistance from television networks concerning Google TV, so no one should be surprised that broadcasters are making that message clear to consumers as well.

Reuters reports that ABC, CBS, and NBC have already blocked Google TV from accessing the full episodes available on their websites, and FOX may follow suit. Hulu, a joint venture owned by the major TV networks, also denies access to Google TV users, even after applying a hack that identifies the device’s browser as generic.

Google touted its new TV service as a tool that would bring all of the video content available on the web into one place, but that premise takes a severe hit with resistance from networks. Google is “actively negotiating” with the networks to gain access to their content, and that will probably involve some licensing or revenue sharing. Television networks have been resistant to online technology in the interest of protecting the traditional ad-based broadcast model, so Google – and Google TV owners – may be waiting for a while to get the faucet turned back on.

Old media is singing the same old song.